Greater Flexibility with Your Filling Processes

FSL- PRO S Filling System: Perfect for your current challenges and those of the future



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The challenge

In view of the enormous demand, many manufacturers of disinfectants have increased production, expanded to additional locations and are switching to larger containers. The main aspects are:

  • Quickly increase production at individual locations
  • Expand production to additional locations
  • Switch to larger bottles and containers; we recommend FSL-PRO M for drums and IBCs
  • Increase capacity by upgrading from manual to semi-automatic or automatic filling

Our solutions

With the FSL-PRO S filling system, you can quickly and easily adapt your production to the current challenges of the day, while making flexible use of your solution tomorrow for entirely different products.

Your flexibility advantages with the FSL-PRO S:

  • Fast delivery and commissioning
  • Can be integrated into any production environment
  • Does not need much space
  • Suitable for a variety of containers
  • Efficient and easier filling process
  • Fast product and container exchange
  • Extremely flexible with interchangeable filling valves, for example for food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints/coatings, etc.

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