Process optimization in the retail sector

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The challenge

Serving the increased demand while staffing resources remain the same and at the same time meeting the currently especially high requirements on hygiene and social distancing  – you can succeed at this if the existing processes are optimized so as to reduce the workload of your available employees, while utilizing them more efficiently.

Our retail solutions

Reducing staff workloads while offering no-contact shopping

Offer your customers a no-contact and quick shopping process while utilizing your employees efficiently and reducing revenue loss through loss and theft with our Supersmart Scan & Go Loss Prevention System.

Instore ordering – no-contact order entry 

Minimize the time spent at your store and enable your customers an easy and no-contact order placement via phone. Our RetailApp MyOrder makes it possible.

Stock and inventory management

Reduce the workload of your team while ensuring replenishment and restocking of shelves in your stores as and when needed. Our networked Smart Shelf solution with integrated weighing technology supports you.

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